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MASSAGE THERAPY Pampering Palms Massage Therapist. Southampton
MASSAGE THERAPYPampering PalmsMassage Therapist. Southampton

Pampering Palms Testimonials

I've been a student, practitioner, and recipient of massage for 17 years, and I'm very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Georgina at pampering palms is the best I've found. She’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her client. Sophia (Alton).


Georgina is very professional and thorough. She is very skilled at determining your injuries and problem area’s and pin-pointing problem areas and working on them according to your level of tolerance. Geoffrey (Southampton)


Georgina has been amazing in helping reduce pain for my Fibromyalgia. She has magic fingers and hands. Amanda (Southampton)


Georgina helped greatly to work out some low back and hip pain I’d been experiencing after a bike accident. She knows just the right amount of pressure, and her calming energy helps to get you back in balance. Selina (Portsmouth)


 I’ve been going to Georgina since 2010 for severe restriction of movement in my upper back/neck area because of repetitive use at work. That issue has long since been resolved and I am now in a maintenance phase…then I got pregnant and all the pregnancy aches and pains have brought about new issues. I would go nowhere else when I know that I have such a versatile, committed and talented massage therapist that truly gives her all to my comfort and well being. Charlotte (Romsey)


 I have been going to Georgina for many years for chronic back pain – she is awesome! Skilled at deep tissue massage and a wonderful personality.Samantha (Fareham)

I am a practitioner in massage myself. Georgina is an amazing massage therapist, whom i have also learnt so much from myself within my own practise. I highly recommend Georgina as a massage therapist, and her knowledge and ability to give advice. Every treatment is different, and completely tailored to what my individual need is at each session. I love the effective variety of techniques that Georgina can and does use in treatments. Ruth (Southampton)

Georgina was a fantastic baby massage instructor. I felt extremely relaxed, able to ask questions and totally supported by Georgina in gaining the confidence to massage my son. She always listened, and was an excellent instructor. Well done Georgina! Annabel (chandlers ford)

Georgina at pampering palms has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. Great massage therapist who I refer my training clients to regularly. Owen (Eastleigh).

I always find Georgina to be extremely knowledgeable in her approach, skills and techniques used. I don’t even need to tell Georgina where my pain or tension is, she is a very aware therapist. Very professional, affordable. Recommended. Suki (Southampton)

Georgina at pampering palms has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep-pressure techniques. Soraya (Fareham).

Best massage I've ever received. Mark (Southamptron)

I was really suffering with lower back pain during my later stage of pregnancy. After even my first pregnancy massage from Georgina I experienced great relief. She also gave a lot of great advice. Aamina (Portsmouth).

Both my daughter and I really enjoyed Georgina's baby massage sessions. Georgina has a lovely soothing and calming manner that works wonders on mothers and babies alike. Her teaching is clear and easy to understand and remember. She has great attention to detail from the atmosphere in the room to the oil she uses. Livvy and Graham (Southampton).

Georgina, thank you so much. What I especially love is that you do all the traveling, so once we're done, I don't actually have to go anywhere. I shall have to book a longer session for next time, and at least once a month. I would be very happy to recommend you to not just friends, but also clients. Rozanne (Hampshire).

Thank you so much for my treatment. I couldn’t keep awake when you left, had a wicked deep sleep, something I’ve not had for a while. Woke up the next morning and bounced out of bed. Feel a lot looser. Trevor (Southampton).

The massages I have received from Pampering palms have been of the highest standard. The professional and relaxing approach means I would not hesitate in recommending the service to anyone. Matthew (Salisbury).

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