Cupping for cellulite and toning


Cellulite suction massage breaks up cellulite using suction lymphatic drainage. The cellulite is physically broken up, circulation is greatly increased which removes toxins efficiently to the lymph drainage areas, relaxing the fibrous connective cords which give that dimpled effect to the skin. Anti-cellulite massage is the most effective way to reduce and remove cellulite because it addresses the cause directly and not just the symptoms.


This subsequently breaks up and removes the orange peel cellulite look and results in smooth and toned skin, and leaving the skin looking more youthful, giving you great results of a tightening of loose, wrinkled skin, toned and shaped legs, firmer lifted buttocks and a toned stomach.


Thighs, hips, drooping buttocks, stretch marks, even upper arms can be targetted.



Breaks up and removes the orange peel cellulite look for smoother, toned skin.


Stimulates lymphatic system and improves circulation.


Detoxifies by drawing toxins out of the body.



 How it works

Special cellulite cups are applied to the surface of the skin and using oils, the vacuum releases fat and toxins, which are moved along the skin.


The cup is positioned at the area to be treated and, depending on the type of cup being used, a vacuum is created within the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue into the cup.

The vacuum releases fat and toxins, which are moved along the skin to the lymphatic drainage points.


A blend of oils are used, especially for cellulite, in order to facilitate the movement of the cups, nourish and potentiate the treatment.




I recommend an intense treatment of 20-25 minutes on each treatment area once or twice a week to start. I will discuss with you further treatments needed and put together a treatment plan.



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