Special silicone cups designed for the face are used to rhymically and gently vacuum tissues of the face, neck and upper chest. The suction created by the cups will lift, tone and plump muscles.



It relaxes facial muscles and removes toxins, replacing with new-nutrient-enriched blood and fluids.

Detoxifies your face.

It gives your face a lymphatic drainage and increases circulation.

Stimulates skin renewal.

Helps smooth fine lines.

Increases depth and efficacy of your skincare products.

Tones chin, jawline, neck and décolletage.

Relieves headaches and sinus pressure.

Relieves lower jaw tension.

This all results in a clearer, cleaner and more even complexion.

Results are seen and felt immediately.  Skin will look improved with one session, but it is recommended that a series of regular treatments are taken as the results are cumulative.
As with any facial massage, the skin may be red for a few minutes after treatment but it quickly returns to its original colour.



Treatment Sessions

Depending on your reasons for coming for Facial Cupping Massage, the minimum number of recommended treatments is between 4 to 6, at bi-weekly intervals, followed by weekly or 6 weekly appointments.

Treatment duration is 30-45 minutes.


A Treatment plan is always discussed with you and put into place to determine your proposed treatment following the initial consultation and treatment.

Gift Vouchers are also available and make a wonderful Baby's Birth / Mothers / Fathers Day / Anniversary / Birthday Present.




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