As a Pilates teacher, I follow the classical Pilates method, developed by Joseph Pilates.


I offer 1-1 classes and small classes with only a maximum of three participants. The advantage of a 1 to 1 Pilates class and small classes is that they can be tailored specifically to the individual’s needs, and you get more support and input from the teacher.


Whether it’s a 1-1 class or a small class, both are tailored to individuals experience, posture and level of fitness. Classes can be for beginners, intermediate levels or those more advanced.


I first started attending Pilates classes to improve my core strength, knowing the benefits to myself and my posture. Over the many years I have been working with clients providing corrective massage treatments to relieve pain and knowing first-hand how well Pilates works during rehabilitation and the potential that it has to help my clients, I trained to become a Pilates Teacher.


Incorporating all my qualifications I am able to offer a service focussed on rehabilitation, realignment and recovery.


Pilates classes can be tailored to challenge and develop strength and mobility of the whole body, to improve flexibility and mobility, prevent and recover from injuries, reduce aches and pains and tension, and inmprove postural alignment.


For every client I complete a postural assessment which is regularly reviewed, and where appropriate I put a corrective exercise programme in place.


The cost of a 1-1 session is £30.00

Small class (3 participants maximum) £10.00pp


Massage Southampton

Back pain


Sports injuries

Strains and sprains


Neck and shoulder tension

Limited range of movement

Occupational problems

Stiff joints





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