I am specially trained in the field of massage during pregnancy and postnatal care.

This relaxing prenatal pregnancy massage is designed to ease pregnancy-related aches and pains and soothe tired muscles. During Prenatal Pregnancy Massage treatments, every massage I offer incorporates different techniques to stretch the muscles, increase muscle tone and joint flexibility. Pregnancy massage can use lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce water retention and swelling in the extremities and can use pressure points to help with morning sickness, insomnia and tiredness.

Treatments are adapted to the stage of your pregnancy and where appropriate, advice will be given on how your partner can help alleviate aches or aid you in performing simple exercises, during pregnancy and labour. Above all Prenatal Pregnancy Massage treatment aims to relax both you and your child.

Prenatal Pregnancy Massage uses techniques which are effective to help ease fatigue during pregnancy due to the changes to the bodies metabolism, hormonal changes, excess weight, and increase in blood volume slowing down circulation.

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, massage can either be conducted on a massage couch or on a chair supported by cushions.

Reduced anxiety and relief of tension.
Reduced strain and relieved muscular tension on the muscles of the lower back, abdomen and shoulders, reducing stress on weight-bearing joints.
Increased tone of the muscles that have become weakened and strained during pregnancy.
Improved elasticity of the skin.
Reduced fluid retention and blood pressure, relieving varicose veins and increasing blood and lymph circulation.
Soothed nerves and promotion of relaxation through sedation of the nervous system.
Preparation of the body for a more comfortable pregnancy assisting with body mechanics and movement during the structural change to the body and posture.
Reduced morning sickness.
Strengthened pelvic muscles.
Supportive of the birth process by relaxing muscles involved in labour and birth.

After the birth of your baby, Postnatal Pregnancy Massage can be very beneficial and plays an important role after birth.


Some of the benefits of Post Natal Pregnancy massage can include:

Massage therapy is not only good before childbirth, but during labour and also afterwards. Post natal massage focuses on helping to restore the mother`s body to its pre-pregnancy condition. It relieves muscle tension and stress from everyday activities, especially new mothering duties. Besides the physical benefits, the special attention and quiet time during a massage can also help to balance the new mother`s emotional state. The loving touch of hands can provide a time to relax and reflect for the new mother, and may help with postpartum depression.

Postnatal Pregnancy Massage can facilitate postpartum emotional, physiological and family adjustments. I always encourage mums to have their baby with them when having a postnatal pregnancy massage treatment. The benefits are;

Reduced musculoskeletal and organic pain. 
Improved structural alignment of the spine and pelvis, and reorganisation of movement.
Contribute to the rehabilitation of abdominal skin, muscles and organs.
Relief of muscle strain caused by childbirth.

Facilitate healing from a caesarean birth.

Prevent and reduce back pain caused by newborn care.

Restore and normalise abdominal structure.


If you want to earn brownie points forever with your partner, you'll need to take this massage class. I teach birth partners how to massage to ease labour pains during the first transition of labour. These effective massage techniques have been clinically proven to reduce the amount of drugs needed during labour and help with the management of pain. The session is for both the mother and birth partner.

Treatment Sessions

The initial Prenatal Pregnancy Massage treatment will take just over an hour, in order to allow for the consultation and questions.

Subsequent Prenatal Pregnancy Massage treatments will take 1 hour.

The initial Postnatal Pregnancy Massage treatment will take just over an hour, in order to allow for the consultation and questions.

Subsequent Postnatal Pregnancy Massage treatments will take 1 hour.

Prenatal pregnancy home visits may incur an additional travelling charge.

Gift Vouchers are also available and make a wonderful Baby's Birth / Mothers / Fathers Day / Anniversary / Birthday Present.


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