Touch is used to locate areas of stiffness, pain or tension and then various techniques involving pressure, friction or stretching of the skin are used to promote circulation and release tension. Oils, cream or powder may be used to enable smooth, flowing massage movements.


Swedish Body Massage can provide a variety of benefits for medical conditions.

Some of the benefits can include;

Improves skin tone, circulation and elasticity.

Encourages deeper and therefore more efficient and relaxed breathing.

Encourages better lymph drainage.

Reduces swelling.

Boosts immunity.

Relieves muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness.

Relieves tired and stiff joints.

Promotes general relaxation, relaxing the body, thereby reducing stress tension and the effects of stress.

Relaxes the mind, thereby reducing anxiety and its effects.

Increases energy by invigorating all body systems and reducing fatigue.

Encourages better sleep, relieving insomnia.

Speeds up digestion.

Improves muscle suppleness.

Improves neural communication and relaxes the nervous system.

Lowers high blood pressure.

How long does a Swedish Body Massage treatment take?

For a full Swedish Body Massage - the initial session will normally take 50 minutes to 1 hour, in order to allow for the consultation and treatment. 

For a part body Swedish Massage - the initial session will normally take approximately 45minutes.

For a back, neck and shoulder Swedish Body Massage (anti-stress massage) - the initial session will normally take approximately 45, in order to allow for the consultation and treatment. Subsequent sessions will take 30 minutes.

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